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Solving a problem involves in many cases some sort of adaptation to the particular data that define the problem itself. In this perspective we regard architectural design as a process that includes -among other things- an adaptation to the specific spatial, environmental, cultural, social and economic context of the project. The output of this process not only responds through its spatial manifestation to the contextual inputs but also dynamically reacts to the changes that these undergo through time, by being able to adjust through flexible design.

In order to come up with a solution that conforms to the initial data, a profound knowledge of them is required. To comply with this need our team consists of a network of associates that cover all relevant fields and grow in size according to the project’s necessities. We thus gradually approach an output that jointly responds to the set of initial and frequently conflicting data. Through this process we aim to strip the design of all the excess data that has been accumulated on the way and thus be left with a succinct, condensed answer to the initial question-demand.


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