Life Aquatic - housing project in São Paulo
São Paulo, Brazil

Merging public housing design with flood prevention infrastructure


The project deals mainly with two issues: the landscape and the need for housing created by the various removals in Cabuxo De Baixo.

The central plaza framed by housing becomes a recreational area that relays to the linear park along the river.

The much needed flood infrastructure is transformed into a living space in both the dry and wet seasons.

The housing in the background plays a key role in framing the urban plaza and creates a strong line between the city and the natural zone. Public facilities along a linear axis maintain and reinforce the connection of the city with the forest.

Water is introduced in various forms into the everyday life as a didactic experience.

The social housing is a classic top-down type with a twist: learning from infrastructure, the municipality creates vertical ownership that can, through a certain typology, receive different housing conditions. This allows individuals or small cooperative unions to benefit from a more flexible system.


Research project, part of the MAS Urban Design of ETH Zurich

Listed in “Favela Reglas - Favela Rules” exhibition at Julio Prestes Station, Sao Paolo

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