Rethink Athens
Athens, Greece

The city is the spatial manifestation of the relationship between people and power and results as the stratification of consecutive political visions.

Democracy has nowadays lost its connection with the urban daily life and it is mostly sustained without people’s involvement; consequently, public space is perceived as the manifestation of decision-makers and people find it hard to claim their right to it.

The proposal provides an intense linear space that will awaken hibernating potential for activities to shape the surrounding territory that will be unburdened of the existing restrictions to constitute a field enriched with traces of the city’s memories.

Technology carries along great potential for re-establishing the bond of citizens with the city; by grafting the infrastructure, which is an effective, costly and permanent intervention, the city will be provided with a framework for spontaneous appropriation.

The expected appropriation will trigger people’s creativity, stimulate small-scale productions and revive arts and crafts for an alternative lifestyle. It will create the premises for a new practice of democracy, one interwoven with everyday life.


Architects: Alkistis Thomidou, Chryssa Koumantou & George Anagnostakis, Gianmaria Socci 
Collaborating Architects: Alexandros Syriopoulos, Andrijana Sekulic, Konstantinos Karamplis, Vlassis Katsimpoulas
Urban Economy and Social Sustainability:Salvatore Di Dio

Landscape Architecture: Karolos Hanikian

Structural Engineering: Ioannis Spinassas, Christos Spanos, Ioannis Lepidas

Mechanical Engineering: Panagiotis Pliakas

Bioclimatic Design: Panagiotis Gatsopoulos

Sustainable Transport Systems: Irina Tumini

Lighting Design: IFI Group architectural lighting design

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