small mining museum in Itea
Itea, Greece

This diploma project concerns the study of a small museum dedicated in the mining history of region Gkiona. It is placed in thegulfofItea, in the abandoned installations of treatment and transshipment of Bauxite.

The building is drawn based on the logic of small local thematic museums that are manufactured in the place where their exhibits are found. That is how the forecourt is being exploited as part of the place. It simultaneously touches upon the hyper-topic level while having a research and educational character. 

Emphasis is given in the way of intervention that is connected with the human made landscape of mines of bauxite. A basic synthetic component was the topography of the land. Thus we tried to determine and redefine the relation between building and person with the continuously evolving environment of mines. The central space that is created by the excavation is selected as a basic core of solution, while the building volume is condensed in a specific point at the end of the excavation as the minimal possible intervention. 


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