retail store design on Kifisias Av.
Halandri, Greece

The main design goal was to deliver a space which not only serves as an exhibition room for lighting fixtures or other objects as customary in retail shops, but acts as an “initiator-entangler” of an active relation between the visitor and the space containing all lighting applications. The central idea of our approach involved an extensive ground floor exhibition area making good use of the outdoor front space which remained hitherto unexploited. As a consequence, the primary design lines were chosen so as to strengthen this relation, resulting in a visually and practically unified space. There are two primary-dominating design axes: The transverse one is manifested by the entrance pathway that runs across both interior and outdoor space thereby unifying them. The longitudinal one is realised by the facade surface and the moving objects' paths that run paraller to the latter. The resulting system manages to provide a composition detached from the main outline of the spaces. In this system of particular importance are the points near the surrounding walls where the two grids intersect.

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