community housing in Axios
Municipality of Axios,Thessaloniki - Greece

Habitable space was considered both as an integration of independent private housing modules and as a community of collective living. Thus, the main form of the complex gives rise to the communal, all encompasing core. The latter gets unfolded into two neighbourhoods that retain the communal character. The housing units are developed around those neighbourhoods as "vessels for life" comprising the integrating parts of the everyday communal life. Those parts are linked via the inner crooked pathway that starts at the public green area to end at the local road network.


Entry group members: Ioanna Alexiou, Chryssa Koumantou, Alexandros Syriopoulos

Collaborating architects: Giorgos Anagnostakis, Alexandros Zomas

Bioclimatic consultant: Panagiotis Gatsopoulos

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