community park in Filothei
Filothei, Greece

The proposed design aims to rendering a particular character to the site that is perceived and recognized alike by local residents and non-municipality visitors. This character should be compatible with all historical, urban, landscape and functional data that co-regulate the suburb's everyday life. The main design goal is a active public space accessible to all, that energizes the user both as an independent and collective entity in order to improve all aspects of his life. A space of rest and of trekking that is integrated in the broader walking path network that runs through Filothei and terminates in our case in the Andrianos Aqueduct ruins. In this site the visitor is empirically educated regarding:


the importance of natural environment preservation
the virtue of economy in natural resources exploitation and the principles of sustainability
the worth of primary natural assets such as soil, water and self-sown vegetation
the value of of reversible forms of building with small, light, environmentally friendly constructions (fabric or wooden based)
the importance of “Outdoor Art” (particularly of sculpture that acts supplementary to nature in our case)

The added use of this site as a permanent outdoor sculpture exhibition, differentiates and distinguishes it from the rest of the public spaces of  the suburb. Finally in a broader cultural-educational sense the site's proximity to the public high-school is considered both indispensable and compatible with its character.


Participation entry team: Lina Dima, Sofia Tsiraki

Special consultant: Tasos Biris

Collaborating arch. Students: Giorgos Anagnostakis, Chryssa Koumantou

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