Hawler Int. Trading Center - facade redesign
Erbil, Iraq


The project involved the redesign of the main facade of the complex using an approach that is centered around the creation of a second semi-permeable (in terms of sunlight, wind, view and sound) epidermis. The latter could be easily attached without major constuction works to the existing main building volumes. This skin is manifested by the use of light-weight materials such as expanded aluminium panels, a web-like metal trellis for climbing plants, steel wire mesh panels and large aluminium wingfoil shade louvers for the first floor shop facade along either side of the main entrance. The proposed surfaces deliver a dynamic mediator between the occupants/users and the exterior of the complex, that adjusts to the fluctuating local weather data (temperature, sunlight, rainfall, wind) throughout the year. The implementation of a LED element array "weaved" in the wire mesh panels on the background complements the "viewing opacity" effect of the panels with a multimedia surface suited for commercial uses.

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