Katehaki square redesign contest
Chania, Greece

The main design goal was to highlight the "primary character" of the area in such a way that through the proposed interventions it will coexist and converse with the surrounding historical buildings.  In this process the square is claiming a more substantial role than that of a leftover space that it currently holds. The term "primary character" refers to the inherent spatial identity of the area resulting both from the site's location and topographic attributes as well as from the mosaic of the hosted activities that shaped its historic background through time. The core component of this identity on which all main design principles were based is the "Port".


Entry group members: Giorgos Anagnostakis, Kostantinos Karamplis, Vlasis Katsimpoulas, Chrysa Koumantou

Collaborating architect: Alexandros Syriopoulos

Bioclimatic Design: Panagiotis Gatsopoulos

Structural Engineering: Konstantinos Rentzis

Lightning Design Consultant: IFI Group

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