Secret Gardens
Mykonos, Greece

Collaborating Architect: Tsampikos Petras

Landscape Architect: Sarik Barbarian


The project entailed a re-examining of the boundaries between indoor and outdoor space in order to respond to the original requirements provided by the client for 5 independent luxury villas. By forming a secret garden around the 40mstudio that can host all of the daily and nocturnal activities (eating, sleeping, cooking, relaxing and socializing) we aimed at transforming most of the vacation time spent indoors, into an outdoor experience within a miniature version of a Mediterrean sanctuary. The main interior spaces opening into different parts of the garden serve the purpose of providing a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors. All types of indigenous vegetation proposed fuel the senses with the smells and sights of the mediterrenean ecosystem while providing fresh herbs for the preparation of food when the users decide to exercise their cooking skills. The pivotal issue of the sight towards the sea was handled in a counterintuitive way, compatible with the enclosed garden layout. Instead of providing wide-unrestricted viewpoints we adopted a more selective approach with narrow openings towards the bay to the north that emphasize on particular outlooks and intensify the viewing experience by contrasting with the introvert character of the whole complex. In this way the garden and all outdoor activities are also protected by the prevailing northerly winds which reach peak strength during the summer months. 

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